Monday, July 20, 2009

Building Fortunes

One rainy day not too long ago, I tried to get the kids interested in building a fort. They really didn't get into it, and little R kept throwing herself on top and crushing J and I below. The activity certainly didn't inspire the hours of independent play I had envisioned.

Fast forward to the other day - J tells me he's "building fortunes." I had no idea what he could be talking about, so I investigated. He was doing his very best to build his very own fort. I couldn't help but laugh over the funny misspeak on his part, as it seemed so appropriate.

Building Fortunes. That's what I'm doing too. Building fortunes of memories, love, and life lessons for my family.
Raising children and homemaking have at times left me wondering what I'm really accomplishing. I'm busy all day long, but there's not always tangible evidence of that. The food I cooked has been eaten, the cleaning I've done has been messed up, and the faces I've wiped are dirty again. I can only hope that through all that, I've made a small deposit into my family's growing fortune.

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